Clothing Closet


The Rochester Community Clothing Closet is located at: 18206 Corvallis Street in Rochester, WA 98579

Hours are Monday and Wednesday from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. in October. If there is an emergency need, please call the church office at 273-5000 or Susie Hawes at 360-280-7797.

To donate clothing articles during off hours you can drop them in the drop box just outside the Clothing Closet, or the Dream Weavers Real Estate office, 9917 Hwy 12, in Rochester.


In 2017 the Clothing Closet provided over 46,200 articles of clothing and other household goods to the less fortunate within our community.

What does it mean to ill-earn a dream? Can a dream change the lives of people? It would seem perhaps, that it is possible. Many years ago, a chance comment from a teacher about the needs of some children in her classroom placed a seed that grew and evolved to what is today the Rochester Community Closet. It was a big dream, and it is now a

What is the Rochester Community Closet? Imagine living in a car, with no heat and little or no resources. Imagine a mother fleeing from a dangerous domestic situation, leaving everything behind. Imagine being elderly, and traveling by bus for a thousand miles, only to have your luggage stolen. The Community Closet is a place where a grandmother, living on a fixed income and sick with MS, can get clothes for her grandchild that she is raising. It is a place where a mother with two children of her own, and raising her sister’s four children, can get clothing. Are these the faces of despair? Of hopelessness? The Community Closet gives hope to people. Imagine moving to a place to make a better life for your family, unable to speak the language. By providing clothing, the Community Closet gives hope for a better life. It is a place where on a frosty January morning a grandmother walked four miles to get a coat for her granddaughter. That is love. What began as a need expressed by a teacher grew into a reality that is helping our community in so many ways.


The “Community Closet” has grown
to a full-blown mission project

The dream to create a means to reach those in need started in 2006 in a basement. Used clothing was gathered and stored there, and by working with local groups such as ROOF and the school counselors, people were able to call and receive clothing for their children.

By implementing a “call in clothing bank”, it was clear that there was a substantial need in our community for this resource. Now the challenge was to find a permanent place to distribute and collect clothing for not just children, but adults as well.

In 2009, we received a donated single- wide mobile home, which was placed behind the Rochester United Methodist Church. We were able to open our official location and welcomed all who needed clothing. We quickly discovered that we had more customers then we could handle in our little mobile unit. By June 2010 we had acquired a donated double wide mobile home, and through a lot of hard work was able to get it installed and operating, tripling our space. We continue to operate out of the double wide, and now use the single wide for our donation storage and sorting area.

Volunteers are the lifeblood of the Community closet. Countless hours are spent sorting, washing and distributing clothes and household items. In 2014 there were 1735 family visits, consisting of 6058 family members. A total of 33,351 clothing items were distributed All of these items are donated by our community, and go back into the community.


Donations to the “Community Closet”
are tax deductible

Trans Alta has been a community partner, through the grant program TACT, and has supported the Community Closet’s back to school project since 2010. Due to the generosity of TransAlta, in the fall of 2014 alone 260 local children received the gift of new clothing to start the school year. We believe that partnering in the community builds a strong community.

While the primary focus is on children’s clothing, adult clothing is also needed, as well as blankets, sheets, towels and other items. By serving the whole family, the hope is that each family will have a chance for better health and a better life.

If you would like to contribute to the clothing bank (donations are tax deductible), would like to lend a hand, or find yourself in need of this service, please call the church office at (360) 273-5000.


PO Box 78
18206 Corvallis Street
Rochester, WA 98579

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