Weekly Reflection
October 28, 2018
Rev. Pam Brokaw

Traveling to Eastern Washington with a colleague this week has been grace filled. As we drove to the summit of the Wenatchee forest, my friend told me to look for the Larch trees. This time of year, the Larch fir trees can look like they’ve died, but in their bright yellow state they simply stand out brilliantly among the Evergreens.

“Watch for the Larch trees,” my friend repeated as we reached the top of the range. And there they were. Yellow trees popping up all over the place among the green. Honestly, if my friend hadn’t called my attention to this, I probably wouldn’t have noticed as our little car moved quickly upward navigating the winding highway as I did my best to overcome being carsick.

Ever since I was a child, I’ve dealt with motion sickness. I suspect I have missed a lot on trips as I’ve hung my head out the window on many car trips and vacations.

On this trip, I tried to look past how I felt and see something new. I wanted to experience the beauty of the trip and not focus on what I knew was a momentary ailment. For the most part, I did fine. I was relieved when we stopped for a break and I could breathe in the healing crisp mountain air.

My reflection is that each day life can show us all kinds of new things, but our focus can be such that we don’t see them. We can miss God’s grace. The founder of Methodism, John Wesley, would say that grace is coming at us all the time. Fortunately, I was able to experience the grace of the Larch trees one beautiful fall morning despite the swerving turns.

So where are the Larch trees in our days? What are we missing? What do we need to see? Today I pray that Jesus Christ will give me sight like he did so many times in his acts of healing and miracle. Despite the swerving road, I will keep looking up.

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Pam